(90-180 minutes)Antigone/Greece Webquest

Webquest Key (Thanks Kelly Bailey!)

(90-120minutes)Oedipus the King Text

(20 minutes)Oedipus the King Quiz

Marion Nelson’s Webquest #1

Marion Nelson’s Webquest #2

(60 minutes per page)Antigone Study Guide

(20 minutes)Venn Diagram to Compare Characters

(30 minutes)Character Chart

(30 minutes)Prologue and Scene One Quiz

(30 minutes)Motivation Guide

(270-360 minutes)Rebel Project

(270 minutes)Antigone vs. Whale Rider (film)

(270-360 minutes)Antigone vs. Letter from Birmingham Jail

(90-180 minutes)Antigone vs. A Time for Justice ( documentary)

(270 minutes)Tragic Hero Essay