(20 minutes) Intro to Argument (from

(20 minutes) What is an Argument?

(30 minutes) Why America’s Schools Have a Money Problem (reformatted from NPR)

(Length of film + time to discuss) Waiting for Superman Analysis Notes

(1 Hour) Poverty Articles

(40 minutes) Defend Refute Qualify: Poverty Prompt

(1 Hour) Education Articles (with created questions)

(20 minutes) Introduction to Satire

(40 minutes) Practice AP Style Satire Question (passages from The Onion)

 Writing Your Own Satire Rubric

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Peer Speech Rubric

(20 minutes) Presentation Solutions (from Cathy Nelson)

(10 minutes) Annotated Bibliography Example

Final Assessment: Argumentative Multimedia Project (must purchase at TPT)

(30 minutes) Logical Fallacies Quiz

(15 minutes) Viewing Films Actively (

(15 minutes) What Makes an Effective Movie Review? (from Parkway C-2)

(60 minutes) Argument Practice with Malala and Emma Watson

Room for Debate (NY Times)

(30 minutes) Analyzing Historic Photographs (credit to Mary Jo Floyd)