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Using Thought Logs for Fiction

Last school year, my department had the amazing opportunity to see Kelly Gallagher. This is the second time for a few of us, but the time never seems like enough. In his presentation, Gallagher covered Thought Logs, which is a strategy that students can use in keeping journal entries for their readings.

My husband and I blessed enough to teach in the same school and in the same subject, and he created a thought log inspired by Gallagher’s presentation. We both used it last year, and while we do see some places where we need to make some adjustments, overall, it worked very well with our College Prep students.

Here’s a preview.


I did find that my group of students engaged more with the process if I helped them through the first few ones, and honestly, I ended up doing several with them because the discussions that came out of the answers to the questions were amazing.

You can see the full version here. Let me know if you use this in your classroom and what adjustments you would make.