(30 minutes)Characteristics of Memoir

(30-45 minutes)Notes on Memoir

(45-90 minutes)8 Writing Lessons from Michelle Obama

(30 minutesWriting Effective Leads

(30 minutesPunctuating Dialogue

(30 minutesFigurative Language (Nancy Dean-Discovering Voice)

(45 minutesVoice Lessons-Imagery

(20 minutesSensory Word List

(90 minutes)A Long Way Gone-Ishmael Beah

(20 minutes)Bookmark Questions for A Long Way Gone

(90 minutes)Autobiography of a Face-Lucy Grealy

(20 minutes)Bookmark Questions for Autobiography of a Face

(90 minutes)Persepolis-The Veil-Marjane Satrapi

(20 minutes)Book Questions for Persepolis

(180-360 minutes)Autobiographical Multigenre Essay

(30 minutes)Peer Review